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[LintCode] Segment Tree Modify



For a Maximum Segment Tree, which each node has an extra value max to store the maximum value in this node’s interval.

Implement a modify function with three parameter root, index and value to change the node’s value with [start, end] = [index, index] to the new given value. Make sure after this change, every node in segment tree still has the max attribute with the correct value.


It’s very similar to Segment Tree Modify/search.


 * Definition of SegmentTreeNode:
 * public class SegmentTreeNode {
 *     public int start, end, max;
 *     public SegmentTreeNode left, right;
 *     public SegmentTreeNode(int start, int end, int max) {
 *         this.start = start;
 *         this.end = end;
 *         this.max = max
 *         this.left = this.right = null;
 *     }
 * }
public class Solution {
     *@param root, index, value: The root of segment tree and 
     *@ change the node's value with [index, index] to the new given value
     *@return: void
    public void modify(SegmentTreeNode root, int index, int value) {
        helper(root, index, value);

    private int helper(SegmentTreeNode node, int target, int val) {
        if (node.start > target || node.end < target) {
            // no update, then just return max as normal
            return node.max;
        } else if (node.start == node.end && node.start == target) {
            node.max = val;
            return val;
        } else {
            // check left and right, and update max value accordingly
            node.max = Math.max(helper(node.left, target, val), 
                                helper(node.right, target, val));
            return node.max;