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[LintCode] Segment Tree Build



The structure of Segment Tree is a binary tree which each node has two attributes start and end denote an segment / interval.

start and end are both integers, they should be assigned in following rules:

The root’s start and end is given by build method. The left child of node A has start=A.left, end=(A.left + A.right) / 2. The right child of node A has start=(A.left + A.right) / 2 + 1, end=A.right. if start equals to end, there will be no children for this node.

Implement a build method with two parameters start and end, so that we can create a corresponding segment tree with every node has the correct start and end value, return the root of this segment tree.


A simple top-down run through.


 * Definition of SegmentTreeNode:
 * public class SegmentTreeNode {
 *     public int start, end;
 *     public SegmentTreeNode left, right;
 *     public SegmentTreeNode(int start, int end) {
 *         this.start = start, this.end = end;
 *         this.left = this.right = null;
 *     }
 * }
public class Solution {
     *@param start, end: Denote an segment / interval
     *@return: The root of Segment Tree
    public SegmentTreeNode build(int start, int end) {
        // write your code here
        if (start > end) {
            return null;
        SegmentTreeNode node = new SegmentTreeNode(start, end);
        if (start < end) {
            node.left = build(start, (start + end) / 2);
            node.right = build((start + end) / 2 + 1, end);
        return node;