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[Google] Minimum Adjustments



Given an integer array, adjust each integers so that the difference of every adjacent integers are not greater than a given number target.

If the array before adjustment is A, the array after adjustment is B, you should minimize the sum of |A[i]-B[i]|

Given [1,4,2,3] and target=1, one of the solutions is [2,3,2,3], the minimal adjustment cost is 2.


This is a difficult DP. Now we define 2D array like this:

dp[i][j]: the minimal adjust cost on changing A[i] to j

And the equation:

dp[i][j] = min{dp[i-1][k] + |j-A[i]|} s.t. |k-j| <= target

Refer to the post by simon.zhangsm


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