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[Design] Monitor Rps for Past Sec/min/hr



Given a server that has requests coming in.

Design a data structure such that you can fetch the count of the number requests in the last second, minute and hour.

Solution 1

Keep a record of all request timestamps, suggested by the top answer by whatevva:

  1. Use a queue implemented as a resizable array to store the timestamps of all new requests

  2. maintain head/tail pointers as usual

  3. Also maintain three pointers, for past sec, past min and past hr.

Whenever a request comes in, update 3 pointers. Then in the for-loop of the thread, remove old entries and also update 3 pointers.

Print Rps in real time. I posted my code below (the code is without thread-safety consideration).

Solution 2

This solution does not store all timestamps, and it does not generate real-time Rps data. But it’s good enough because result is only updated every 1 second, so its performance is better.

Keep an array of int of size 60 * 60. Each second, use the number of request in the past second to update the array values in a rolling way.


Solution 1. this is my code so please correct me!

public class SetRps {

    AtomicInteger count = new AtomicInteger(0);
    int limit = -1;
    int printIndex = 1;
    long startTimestamp = -1;

    void setRPS(int num) {
        limit = num;

    boolean process(long timestamp) {
        // suppose timestamp is ms
        synchronized (this) {
            if (count.get() < limit) {
                // can process
                System.out.println(printIndex++ + ". processing request "
                        + timestamp % 100000 / 1000 + "," + timestamp % 1000);
                return true;
            if (timestamp - startTimestamp >= 1000) {
                // every 1 seconds, reset
                startTimestamp = timestamp;
                return true;
        return false;