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[CC150v5] 12.0 Example - Troubleshoot Google Chrome


You'reworking on the Google Chrome team when you receivea bug report: Chrome crashes on launch. What would you do?

Step 1: Understand the Scenario

  1. How long has user seen this issue?
  2. version of browser and OS?
  3. Does this happen consistently? How often, and when?

Step 2: Break Down the Problem

Flow of situation:

  1. start menu
  2. click chrome
  3. browser starts
  4. browser load settings
  5. browser issues HTTP response
  6. browser get HTTP response
  7. browser parses webpage
  8. browser displays content

At some points in this process, something fails. A good tester would iterate thru the elements of this scenario and diagnose the problem.

Step 3: Create Specific, Manageable Tests

Come up with realistic instructions.