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[CC150v4] 20.3 Generate M Int From Array of Size N


Write a method to randomly generate a set of m integers from an array of size n. Each element must have equal probability of being chosen.


This is very similar to another post I wrote: [Question] Shuffle An Array (Fisher–Yates).

The basic idea is to choose element one by one using RNG. After choosing an int, swap it to top and then mark this element as ‘dead’. Next time, the RNG will not touch on the ‘dead’ elements.

Very similar to Fisher–Yates Shuffle, and the code below is written by me.


public static int[] pickMRandomly(int[] original, int m) {
    int[] ans = new int[m];
    for (int i = 0; i < m; i++) {
        int rand = Question.listRand.get(i);
        // note: rand is RN in the range [i, max]
        ans[i] = original[rand];
        original[rand] = original[i];
        // now (i)th position in original is dead
        // no one cares what value is at original[i]
    return ans;