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[Google] Postorder Successor in Binary Tree



Write an algorithm to find the ‘next’ post-order successor of a given node in a binary tree and binary search tree.

  1. where each node has a link to its parent.
  2. without parent pointer

Implement 2 versions of the algorithm: 1.) binary tree 2.) BST


In postorder, any node below current node shall be ‘predecessor’ of current node. Thus we only care about current node’s parent.

Suggested by a user:

1) parent pointer is given. 
- go to the parent of the current node. 
- if current node is the right child of its parent => print parent. 
- else return leftmost node of the right sub-tree of parent. 

2) parent pointer is not given. 
- traverse the tree and find the parent of the current node 
- do the same as method (1).