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[Question] Remove Chars in Pairs



Given a string, recursively remove adjacent duplicate characters from string. The output string should not have any adjacent duplicates.

Input: azxxzy

Output: ay

First “azxxzy” is reduced to “azzy”. The string “azzy” contains duplicates, so it is further reduced to “ay”.


We could do it recursively until all pairs are removed, but it’s not good.

There’s an O(n) solution.


Most obvious solution is to use a stack. In the end, the stack stores all unmatched chars.

But we can also do it without using space (assuming the input is char array). Just use the original char array to store result, with the helper of 2 pointers. The code is very much concise.


Refactored code by me

public static String remove_pair(char[] input) {
    int len = input.length;
    int right = 1, left = 0;

    while (right < len) {
        // Cancel pairs
        while (right < len && left >= 0 && input[right] == input[left]) {
        if (right == len) {
        input[++left] = input[right++];
    return String.valueOf(input).substring(0, left + 1);